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Hey there, I'm Peter.

I’m an Experience Designer. I strive to bridge technology with design in order to bring value to everyday people. My technical background, enriched by design thinking, allows me to play a key role in creating holistic products and services.

I decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science because I was entranced by the possibilities of technology. My aha moment came when I discovered User Experience Design as a way to give direction and purpose to the technology that surrounds us. From then onward, I embarked on the path to becoming an interdisciplinary designer.

By taking the logical problem-solving mindset I’ve always had and fusing it with an empathetic human-centered process, I’ve developed a superpower that helps me focus technology on addressing human needs, rather than making another superfluous gadget.

While I have a sharp eye for pixel perfection, my real passion is in analyzing the needs of people and businesses so I can design more effective and user-friendly processes for digital products and services. This flexibility helps me shift focus from the big picture to implementation details and everything in between.

I’m always up for expanding my horizons and learning new concepts. Feel free to reach out to me on social media!

Currently looking for opportunities to craft meaningful experiences.