This simple website was one of the first collaborate projects I had worked on with my team. A collection of Q&A tweets from a voice actress was gathered from a twitter hashtag "#朱夏取扱説明書", and then translated into English.

My job was to figure out a visually appealing way to release this compilation to the public. The original idea was to create a digital booklet but then we decided we wanted to link back to the original tweet. Therefore, a website was a better medium than a static pdf file.

The website content itself was initially generated by exporting HTML out of the Google Docs file that we worked in. Although I could have recreated the content manually or looked into using a script, it was a fun challenge to try and use regex to transform auto-generated HTML into a usable document. Finally, some AngularJS and a bit of CSS was added to create a nice minimal page layout with a fixed navbar.


  • Visual Designer
  • Website Developer


  • Google Docs
  • AngularJS

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