Flower stands are usually presented to welcome or congratulate guests at Japanese events or concerts. Some guests who I admire were appearing at a convention in Anaheim in November 2018, and I decided to organize a flower stand project to welcome them.

I was the sole organizer so I had to manage the logistics of the stand, as well as the overall design. The flowers were arranged by a florist I had found, but it was based on my design mockup. I also commissioned original artwork for this project.


  • Project Manager
  • Visual Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator

On the right here is my design mockup for the stand. As I was working with my florist remotely, I wanted to keep it simple as I wouldn't have been able to assist physically until the day I arrived at the event. But even working within the constraints of the basic flowerstand, I was able to create a design that included the official colors of the guests coming, as well as motifs from the series they were promoting.

I had written a longer breakdown of the flowerstand in my event report blog post.


This flower stand was displayed at the main entrance of CharaExpo USA 2018, along with 3 other stands by fans!

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