This is a reference chart I made for the Japanese smartphone game, Revue Starlight -ReLIVE-. It serves as a handy reference to all the characters in the game and their voice actresses.

When the game first came out, a lot of people had difficulty remembering the characters, so I decided to make this chart to not only help people learn the names, but also the person behind the voice. 

The design of the chart is inspired by the very asthetically pleasing official page, but I tried to give it my own personal flair. As this ultimately serves as a translated reference guide, I wanted to keep the official order and colors the same, which resulted in some of the text being a bit harder to read.


  • Visual Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator

I spent a lot of time iterating on the design of each card. I played with shape, layout, and typography in order to create a design that was both easily legible but visually appealing. The final concept incorporates the round edges and slanted angles from the official logo.

I also tried flipping the card as left aligned text is better for left-to-right languages, but ultimately the visual direction is better with the current design as highlighted by the arrows here. There is a diagonal flow from the top-left corner of the card straight to the text, emphasized by the sharp corners.

revue-chart-card-visual direction

I've made a few of these reference charts for different series over the years, and the progression of my design is a nice way to reflect on my growth as a designer. This album contains all of my reference charts in chronological order.

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