This is a showcase of iconography I created during my time as a Visual Designer at OpenText. Some were redesign of existing icons and others were new designs. They were meticulously designed to fit in with the existing branding style.

Attention to detail was paramount during these tasks and I learned just how important every single pixel is when working at scales of 32x32 or smaller.


  • Visual Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator

I got assigned to rebrand the logo under the new style for the company's main product, Content Server. Although there were not many drastic changes from the original, it feels nice knowing my work is now seen on one of their biggest products! A variation was also used for the mobile splash screens.


There is a large on-going effort to redesign legacy icons from an antiqued skeuomorphic style to the newer flat style. Due to the sheer complexity and scale of the product, there are a large variety of feature icons that are very ambiguous in nature. It was a stakeholder requirement to create unique icons for each though, so I did my best to try and make them stand out despite requiring an accompanying label to be understandable.


´╗┐peter buk | pushing pixels into ideas.